Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ESPN HS from A-Z

ESPN just orders a variety of products from mesh banners to Ad-Pads and Ad-Cades for their High School sporting events. Here is a behinds the scenes look at production!

Fresh Ad-Pad covers

Might as well add in a few Ad-Cades

You can connect our Ad-Cades to fit any message you like!

Remember: Ad-Cades are made of foam and break away from their base, allowing advertisers to get right next to the action!

Advertise on all sides

We definately know how to pack a pallet...

and make sure your shipment arrives ON TIME and as flawless as when it left our care!

Nike Works

Here is a quick look at a few of the Ad-Cades we have made for various Nike events!

Fresh off the printer!

Now they just need to be slipped onto the frames. 


Since they already have a ton of our frames, we just shipped the Ad-Cade banners folded in a box.