Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Join the Ragnar Nation! We have!

The Ragnar Relay series has really put our Ad-Cades to the test... 

These guys know exactly what that means!

Next week Ragnar Relay Series will invade Napa Valley!

We can't wait to be on site and be a part of the excitement! Send or tweet us your pictures if you are there!

PRCA: These guys are tough and needed us to be!

We understand, sometimes your event can get a little wild

Sometimes your event needs to be able to handle a stamped...

Lexcor panels are a great way to add durable, cost effective branding to your events

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Southwest Airlines @ Chicago Blues Festival set up with Ad-Cades!

After we have the creative, our Ad-Cade's start their life right here!

Maintaining a high quality event means no short cuts! We make sure all of our cuts count!

Combine our "H" and "V" Ad-Cades like Southwest to diversify your events visual landscape!

Take a look inside our Ad-Cades...

We sew the Ad-Cades inside out. We then trim the corners for a perfect fit!

 Flip them inside out...

And slide the covers over the frame like a pillow case!

 The only thing missing are the feet here. 

Have message? Need  crowd control? Both?

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