Friday, February 24, 2012

Goin' Fishin' with the BassMaster Classic

Take a look at some of the panels going on a custom made gantry!
Packing in some advertising on a V-2 Ad-Cade

A closer look at the gantry's top panel

Monday, February 20, 2012

The New Jordans at the NBA All Star Game on H-5's too

Major League Gaming powers up with H-5 Ad-Cades

3' x 5' and the colors are fantastic!

Ad-Cades @ Smashzone - The US Open's Premiere Fan Interactive Attractionat

The Smashzone will be open at the US Open from Saturday, Aug 27th to Sunday Sept 11th

These V-7's came out perfectly!

Be sure to check out and tune into the 2012 US Open!

Nike Adds some Ad-Pads to the Sparq Combines!

Doritos Crashes the Super Bowl in Indy with Ad-Cades

H-3 Ad-Cades fresh off the printers

V-7's are along for the ride too!

V-7's are 5' x 3' 

3' x 8' H-3

V-1 standing tall at 8' x 3' 

Here you can see teh H-3, V-1 and V-7 together for a comparison